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Maternity Photoshoot Dubai Price

Maternity Photoshoot

Silver Package
AED 850 Per Photoshoot
  • Studio Photoshoot
  • 20 Edited Images via Online
  • 10 Printout size 10x15cm
  • 2 Gowns/Props
  • 2 Backdrops for Studio
  • All Unedited Images
  • BTS VIDEO 2 minutes
  • N/A
  • N/A

Maternity Photoshoot

Gold Package
AED 1350 Per Photoshoot
  • Studio or Outdoor Photoshoot
  • 20 Edited Images via Online
  • 10 Printout size 10x15cm
  • 2 Gowns/Props
  • 2 Backdrops for Studio
  • All Unedited Images
  • BTS VIDEO 2 minutes
  • Makeup
  • N/A

Maternity Photoshoot

Diamond Package
AED 1800 Per Photoshoot
  • Studio & Outdoor Photoshoot Both
  • 20 Edited Images via Online
  • 1 Album 10 pages 18cm x 18cm
  • 2 Gowns/Props
  • 2 Backdrops for Studio
  • All Unedited Images
  • BTS VIDEO 2 minutes
  • Makeup
  • 1 Frame with Print 20 x 25 cm
  • We may share a few pictures on social media.
  • Professional video editing is not offered for video reels
  • Child Safety Responsibility. Link

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Celebrate Your Pregnancy with Our Maternity Photoshoot in Dubai!

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7 Exquisite Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
on a Budget in Dubai:
Celebrate Your Pregnancy

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Welcome to our guide on celebrating your pregnancy with a stunning maternity photoshoot in the beautiful cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As mothers-to-be, we all want to cherish the magic of this particular time, but what if you’re worried about the cost? Is it possible to create exquisite maternity photos without breaking the bank?

That’s where we come in! In this article, we will share seven affordable maternity photoshoot ideas that will help you capture the beauty and joy of your pregnancy on a budget. From unique locations to creative poses, we have got you covered. With the right tips and tricks, you can create breathtaking photos that will be cherished forever.

So, are you ready to discover how to celebrate your pregnancy in style without spending a fortune? Let’s dive in and explore the world of maternity photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!


Mirrorless Photo Studio: A Perfect Setting for Your Maternity Photoshoot

The right setting can make all the difference when capturing the beauty of your pregnancy. One option that stands out is a mirrorless photo studio. With its advanced technology and versatility, a mirrorless photo studio offers numerous advantages for your maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

So, what makes a mirrorless photo studio the ideal choice for your maternity photoshoot? Let us explore the benefits and the stunning visuals it can create.

Enhanced Picture Quality

The mirrorless technology eliminates the need for a mechanical mirror, allowing light to reach the digital sensor directly. This results in sharper, more vibrant, high-resolution images that beautifully capture every detail of your baby bump.

Lightweight and Portable

Gone are the days of heavy and bulky camera equipment. Mirrorless cameras are compact and lightweight, making them easy to handle and maneuver during your maternity photoshoot. Whether you prefer outdoor shoots in Dubai’s stunning landscapes or indoor setups in Abu Dhabi, a mirrorless photo studio offers the flexibility to capture your pregnancy journey wherever you desire.

Creative Flexibility

With a mirrorless photo studio, you can experiment with various lenses and creative techniques, allowing you to create unique and captivating maternity photos. Capture close-up shots or incorporate beautiful landscapes, all while showcasing the radiance of your pregnancy.

Ready to take your maternity photoshoot to the next level? In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can access a range of mirrorless photo studios equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expert photographers. They will guide you through the process, ensuring your vision becomes a reality and your maternity photos are exceptional.

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Photographer Huma: Capturing the Essence of Motherhood 

She is introducing Photographer Huma, the talented professional specializing in maternity photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With her unique style and approach, Huma has the innate ability to capture the essence of motherhood in every frame.

Finding a photographer who understands this particular time’s beauty, emotions, and significance in a woman’s life is essential for maternity photoshoots. Huma goes above and beyond to ensure clients feel comfortable, confident, and celebrated during their photoshoots.

With her keen eye for detail and unwavering passion for her craft, Huma is dedicated to capturing the authentic moments that define the journey of motherhood. Huma’s photographs effortlessly convey the emotions and connections that make this period so remarkable, whether it’s the gentle touch of the baby bump, the radiant glow of an expectant mother, or the overflowing love between parents-to-be.

Huma’s portfolio showcases her versatility and creativity. She adapts her photography style to suit each individual’s unique personality and preferences, creating stunning and significant images. Her work documents a moment and becomes a cherished keepsake for years.

Embracing the Journey with Maternity Photoshoot Dubai by Photographer Huma

What sets Huma apart is her ability to create a warm and welcoming environment for her clients, allowing them to relax and truly enjoy the experience. She understands that a maternity photoshoot is about capturing beautiful images and honoring motherhood’s transformation and profound joy.

Huma’s professionalism and dedication to her craft are evident in every aspect of her work. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the photographs, she ensures a seamless and enjoyable process for her clients. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that every element of the photoshoot is planned and executed perfectly.

When you choose Huma as your maternity photographer, you can expect personalized attention, genuine care, and impeccable results. She will guide you through various poses, settings, and outfits to create a photograph collection that reflects your unique journey.

As you embark on this incredible chapter of your life, allow Photographer Huma to capture the essence of your motherhood journey. Her passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence make her the perfect choice to document your pregnancy and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Affordable Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Creating Beautiful Memories Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t have to spend a fortune when celebrating your pregnancy’s beauty through a photoshoot. Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer numerous affordable maternity photoshoot ideas to help you capture those precious moments without compromising style or quality.

1. Natural Beauty at the Beach

Take advantage of the stunning beaches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a breathtaking outdoor maternity photoshoot. The golden sands and sparkling blue waters provide a picturesque backdrop to make your photos truly magical. Capture the serenity and joy of your pregnancy as the gentle sea breeze sweeps through your hair.

2. Lush Green Gardens

Explore the lush green gardens scattered throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These vibrant and colorful settings offer a refreshing ambiance for your maternity photoshoot. Choose a garden filled with blooming flowers and tranquil pathways, allowing nature to complement the beauty of your pregnancy.

If outdoor shoots are not your preference, Dubai and Abu Dhabi also boast numerous indoor locations that provide a chic and sophisticated setting for your maternity photoshoot. Many options exist, from trendy cafes to modern art galleries, to create unique and artistic shots.

4. Rustic Charm

Discover the charm of rustic locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These venues present a more vintage and intimate atmosphere, perfect for capturing the tenderness and warmth of your pregnancy. Choose a picturesque farmhouse or a cozy cottage surrounded by nature for an enchanting photoshoot experience.

5. Urban Elegance

Embrace the modern and cosmopolitan vibe of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with an urban maternity photoshoot. The dazzling cityscapes, iconic architecture, and bustling streets provide a glamorous backdrop that adds a touch of sophistication to your pictures. Showcase your pregnancy glow against the vibrant city lights.

6. Historic Landmarks

Make history a part of your maternity photoshoot by utilizing the enchanting historic landmarks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From magnificent palaces to ancient forts, these sites offer a sense of grandeur and timeless beauty. Incorporate the rich heritage of the region into your pictures.

7. Your Cozy Home

Remember to appreciate the intimacy and comfort of your own home. Turn your living space into a backdrop that reflects your style and captures the warmth of your pregnancy journey. Create cozy corners and utilize natural light for elegant and intimate shots.

Regardless of your budget, Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide countless opportunities to create breathtaking and affordable maternity photoshoots. Choose the location that resonates with your unique style and vision, and let the beauty of your pregnancy shine through in every frame.

Maternity Photoshoot Outfits: Dressing up Your Baby Bump

When it comes to your maternity photoshoot, choosing the perfect outfits can significantly capture stunning and memorable images. As your baby bump grows, dressing it up in stylish and elegant attire that showcases your unique beauty and celebrates this particular time in your life is essential.

Here are some tips to help you find inspiration for your maternity photoshoot outfits in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

1. Embrace Comfort

Comfort is critical during a maternity photoshoot, so choose outfits that allow you to move freely and feel at ease. Opt for flowy dresses, loose-fitting tops paired with leggings, or maxi skirts that accentuate your baby bump.

2. Accentuate Your Baby Bump

A maternity photoshoot’s main focus is on highlighting your baby bump. Consider form-fitting dresses or tops that hug your curves and emphasize your growing belly. Avoid overly loose or baggy clothing that may hide your baby bump.

3. Play with Patterns and Textures

Add visual interest to your photoshoot with outfits featuring patterns and textures. Consider floral prints, lace details, or textured fabrics that add depth and dimension to your images. Experiment with different combinations to find the right balance for your style.

4. Opt for Neutral Tones

Neutral tones such as whites, creams, pastels, and earthy shades create a soft and timeless look in maternity photos. These colors provide a beautiful backdrop for highlighting your baby bump and can complement various outdoor and indoor photoshoot locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

5. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Complete your maternity photoshoot look with carefully chosen accessories. Consider delicate jewelry, statement belts, or flower crowns to enhance your overall appearance. Just remember to keep the focus on your baby bump and avoid overpowering accessories.

Following these tips, you can create stylish and elegant outfits that beautifully showcase your baby bump during your maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Remember, the key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear, allowing your true radiance to shine through in every image.


Maternity Photoshoot Poses: Showcasing Your Pregnancy Gracefully

When capturing the beauty and essence of your pregnancy, finding the proper maternity photoshoot poses is critical. From classic poses that exude elegance to unique and creative ideas that showcase your individuality, there are numerous ways to highlight your baby bump and create beautiful memories in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

One famous pose that never fails to impress is the “Cradling the Bump” pose. In this pose, place your hands gently on your baby bump, creating a loving and protective gesture. This pose emphasizes your pregnancy and adds a sense of tenderness and connection between you and your unborn child.

For a more artistic and creative approach, consider the “Silhouette” pose. Find a beautiful backdrop, such as a breathtaking sunset or a picturesque landscape, and stand sideways with your profile highlighted. This pose creates a stunning silhouette of your baby bump, emphasizing your pregnancy in a dramatic and visually captivating way.

Elevate Your Maternity Photoshoot with Unique Poses

Are you looking for something beyond the ordinary? Try the “Reflection” pose. Find a reflective surface, such as a mirror or a still pond, and position yourself in a way that captures both your reflection and your baby bump. This pose adds a touch of creativity and depth to your photos, making them truly stand out.

An intimate and emotional pose that symbolizes the bond between you and your unborn child is the “Hand Heart” pose. Form a heart shape with your hands over your belly, symbolizing the love and connection between you and your little one. This pose is both meaningful and visually stunning.

Another famous pose showcasing motherhood’s joy and anticipation is the “Walking into the Future” pose. This pose involves walking forward with your hand gently resting on your baby bump. It conveys a sense of excitement and optimism for the future, capturing the essence of your pregnancy journey.

Expert Tip: Make Every Pose Your Own

Remember, when it comes to maternity photoshoot poses, the key is to make them your own. Feel free to get creative and add your personal touch to each pose. Whether incorporating props that have a special meaning to you or choosing unique locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that resonate with your story, the possibilities are endless.

Now that you have discovered various maternity photoshoot poses, it’s time to embrace the beauty of your pregnancy and create breathtaking images that will be cherished for a lifetime. Get ready to showcase your pregnancy gracefully and capture the magic of this precious moment.

Maternity Photography Tips: Making the Most of Your Photoshoot

When capturing stunning pregnancy pictures in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, having a solid set of maternity photography tips can make all the difference. We want to ensure you make the most of your maternity photoshoot and create beautiful memories you will cherish forever.

Lighting and Composition

One of the critical elements that can elevate your maternity photos is lighting. Natural light is ideal for creating soft and flattering images. Plan your photoshoot during the golden hour, the hour after sunrise or before sunset, to capture the warm and glowing tones. Avoid harsh midday sunlight as it can cast unflattering shadows.

When it comes to composition, consider the rule of thirds. Imagine your frame divided into a grid of nine equal parts, and position your subject or critical elements along these lines or at their intersections. This technique creates a visually appealing and balanced composition.

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Pose with Confidence

During your maternity photoshoot, embrace your pregnancy and showcase it with confidence. Experiment with a range of poses that highlight your baby bump. Consider gently touching your belly to accentuate the connection between you and your baby for a classic and elegant look. Don’t hesitate to consult with your photographer, as they can guide you to pose naturally and beautifully.

Props and Personal Touch

Props can add extra creativity and personalization to your maternity photos. Consider bringing meaningful items such as baby clothes, ultrasound images, or your favorite books. These props can symbolize the anticipation and excitement of welcoming your little one into the world.

Comfort is Key

When selecting your outfits for the photoshoot, prioritize comfort. Choose fabrics that are soft and stretchy to accommodate your growing belly. Opt for clothing that flatters your body shape and makes you feel confident. Remember, when you feel comfortable, it will shine through in your photos.

Celebrate Your Journey

Finally, remember that your maternity photoshoot is a celebration of your journey to motherhood. Embrace your emotions and allow them to shine through. Capture the love, joy, and anticipation you feel as you await the arrival of your little one. These photos will be a beautiful reminder of this particular time in your life.

Following these maternity photography tips ensures that your photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a memorable and enjoyable experience. Remember, it’s not just about the pictures; it’s about celebrating your pregnancy and creating lasting memories.

Newborn Photography Session: Documenting the First Moments

As your maternity journey ends and your baby enters the world, capturing the precious moments of their early days becomes incredibly important. Including a newborn photography session as part of your maternity photoshoot allows you to document these first moments beautifully and meaningfully.

Capturing your newborn’s innocent expressions, tiny fingers, and adorable features is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These photographs will serve as a timeless reminder of the joy and love you experienced during this particular phase of life.

During a newborn photography session, professional photographers specializing in newborn portraiture use their expertise to create a safe, calm, and comfortable environment for your baby. They know how to pose newborns gently and capture their unique personalities with utmost care.

By scheduling a newborn photography session as an extension of your maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can ensure that no moment of your journey is missed. These photos will become a cherished part of your family’s story, reminding you of your baby’s earliest days.

When looking for a professional newborn photographer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, consider their experience, portfolio, and style to find the perfect match for your vision. These photographers have the skills and creativity to capture the innocence and beauty of your newborn, ensuring that each image tells a unique story.

Whether you choose a themed photoshoot, a lifestyle session at your home, or an outdoor session amidst the stunning landscapes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a newborn photography session will preserve the memories of your baby’s first moments that you’ll hold dear for a lifetime.


In conclusion, a Maternity Photoshoot in Dubai is the perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. By following our affordable ideas and tips, you can capture the essence of this particular time without overspending.

Choosing the right photographer, such as Photographer Huma, who specializes in maternity photography in Dubai, will ensure that your photos are stunning and reflect the love and joy you feel as an expectant mother. With their unique style and expertise, they will capture the true essence of motherhood in every shot.

Please consider your outfits, poses, and photography tips to maximize your photoshoot. Dubai offers breathtaking locations and backdrops that will complement your pregnancy glow. So, embrace the beauty of your baby bump and start planning your maternity photoshoot in Dubai today.


What are some affordable maternity photoshoot ideas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

There are several affordable maternity photoshoot ideas you can consider in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Some options include outdoor locations such as beaches or parks, using props like baby shoes or ultrasound photos, incorporating natural elements like flowers or trees, and utilizing natural lighting for a soft and warm effect.

Why should I choose a mirrorless photo studio for my maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Choosing a mirrorless photo studio for your maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers several advantages. These studios often provide advanced technology and equipment, such as high-resolution cameras and versatile lenses, allowing for exceptional image quality and creative possibilities. Additionally, mirrorless cameras are lighter and more compact, making the photoshoot experience more comfortable and convenient.

Who is Photographer Huma, and why should I choose her for my maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Photographer Huma is a talented professional specializing in maternity photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She has a unique style and approach to capturing the essence of motherhood, focusing on creating intimate and emotional images. Choosing her for your maternity photoshoot ensures that your pregnancy journey is authentically documented with artistic flair and attention to detail.

Can you suggest some affordable maternity photoshoot ideas for Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Certainly! Some affordable maternity photoshoot ideas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include utilizing natural backdrops like cityscapes or desert landscapes, incorporating meaningful props such as baby clothes or books, selecting unique indoor locations like cafes or art galleries, trying silhouette shots during sunset, and experimenting with different perspectives and angles to add creativity to your photos.

How can I choose the perfect outfits for my maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

When selecting outfits for your maternity photoshoot, consider choosing outfits that accentuate your baby bump and reflect your style. Flowy dresses, form-fitting tops, and garments with empire waists are popular choices. Opt for soft and pastel colors that complement your skin tone. Accessorize with simple jewelry and bring outfit changes to add variety to your photos. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your chosen outfits.

What maternity photoshoot poses can showcase my pregnancy gracefully in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

There are several maternity photoshoot poses you can try to showcase your pregnancy gracefully in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Some famous poses include placing hands on your baby bump, standing or sitting sideways to emphasize the curve of your belly, capturing moments of connection with your partner or older children, and incorporating nature by posing amidst flowers or by the water. Remember to relax, express your joy, and let your natural beauty shine through.

What are some valuable maternity photography tips for a successful photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

To make the most of your maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, consider these tips: choose the right time of day for the best lighting conditions, discuss your vision and ideas with your photographer beforehand, experiment with different angles and perspectives, include meaningful props or sentimental items, wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and most importantly, embrace the joy and beauty of this particular moment in your life.

Why should I consider including a newborn photography session in my maternity photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Including a newborn photography session as part of your maternity photoshoot allows you to document the precious first moments of your baby’s life. These sessions capture the innocence and beauty of newborns, creating cherished memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Hiring a professional newborn photographer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ensures that every tiny detail is expertly captured, preserving these fleeting moments forever.